Soft Dramatic Cut Crease


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Soft Dramatic Cut Crease


The New Eyebrow Game




No. This isn’t a serious attempt to start a new trend of eyebrows.

I was bored and decided I’d play around with a new type of arty design. I really like to paint. Paint on canvas and on faces is what I enjoy to do as a hobby. I think all my family has this gene of creative desire, my mother, father and sister are all creative in different aspects and I think that is where I have gotten this passion for the arts.

I love how makeup and art doesn’t have any boundaries. You can do anything you want and it is still art.

I used a mixture of eye shadows from Makeup Geek and BH Cosmetics for the eyes and I used Lime Crime lipstick in ‘Countessa Flourescent’ and Australis lipstick in ‘Grunge’.

Pop Art

popoop art

I heard on the news this morning that Picasso’s electrician stole 271 of his artworks (worth probably A LOT of money). No. Picasso has nothing to do with this manic makeup I decided to do instead of eating lunch today, but it did sparked a conversation between my partner and I about artists. I personally have always loved Andy Warhol’s work. Pop art is creative and so interesting to look at not only on canvas but also on the face. I wish the products came off my face as easily as they went on, but hey that is art for you.

I used Makeup Geeks Gel liner in ‘Immortal’ to draw on the contours of my face. Revlon ‘Revlon Red’ Lipstick for the dots and lipstick. Makeup Geek eye shadows in ‘Cocoa Bear’, ‘Bitten’ and ‘Corrupt’.

Glitz and Liner

   DSC02053 DSC02039DSC02050DSC02055DSC02049

For this look I used Makeup Geek’s eye shadows in ‘Creme Brule’ in the crease and ‘Peach Smoothie’ on the lid.

I then took Makeup Geek’s Gel liner in ‘Immortal’ and a thin eyeliner brush and drew in my wing of the eyeliner first. Using small short strokes I finished off the liner across the lash line and into the inner corner.

With a small angled brush I picked up my Makeup Geek ‘Utopia’ pigment and pressed that into the gel liner, this gave the glitter effect over the top.

I am also wearing Maybelline’s new Color Drama Lipsticks in ‘Red Essential’. They have a range of such beautiful colours, the texture is amazing and for the price ($9.95 AUD) I would definitely recommend!

Mermaid Eyes


I tried to do new looks using the new products I received the other week. I used Makeup Geeks gel liner in ‘Immortal’ and a thin eyeliner brush to do the outer corners of my eyes then using a dense brush I blended the product towards the center of my lids and a little under my eyes. Then taking my ring finger and ‘Mercury’ from Makeup Geek i lightly pressed the eye shadow over the rest of my lid. I felt like I needed a little bit more shimmer on my lid so I then added Makeup Geeks pigment in ‘New Years Eve’ over the lid and along my bottom lashes. To blend everything together I then used a small fluffy brush and blended the lid till I was happy with the result.

New Makeup Geek Products

DSC01996 DSC02001From left to right: Mercury, Insomnia (pigment), New Years Eve (pigment), Utopia (pigment), Mermaid

In my opinion Makeup Geek can do no wrong, as you all may already know from my endless posts about this brand. Not only are these colours totally gorgeous but the quality is outstanding. This was one swipe on each finger of the pigments and eye shadow without a primer or base. I wouldn’t normally buy silver or blue eye shadows but for special occasions its not a bad idea to have a variety of colours in your kit especially for the price as well. I can’t wait to do some looks with these colours and post them on to my blog ASAP!